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Cue: Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (almost wrote Jespen, had to check with itunes haha)

I’ve been into Instagram and I haven’t even shared a peep about it with you, guys. Not too bright of me, eh? Considering you might have Instagram too. (As I type, I am literally bouncing in my chair dancing to Call Me Maybe – what a fun song… and video too!)

Here are my recent Instagram posts all randomly taken here and there. As I look at it, it gives you so much more insight to my life. Do you think so too?

Instagram – mayseacraysea

Uh-oh, the tracks just changed to Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away Acoustic version… This song has such a sad tone (as it should, as the title goes) and I cannot help but sing along to it, and carry a bit of sadness as I do.

Good day to all!


p.s.: Does anyone know how to add an Instagram follow button on my blog? Tried followgram but it didn’t really give me a button, sort of. I will be delighted to be enlightened. Thank you.

Amazing blog persons.


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Why are blogs so interesting? I know mine isn’t (haha) but the others surely are. Especially diy and crafty blogs. At least, for me they are.
I find it amazing that even mommies with obviously busy schedules still find time to make framed posters of their kid’s art or that turn that old entertainment shelf into a brand new and very cute kid’s dress up room. It is just amazing.
I guess that’s the beauty of it for me. That you can make something beautiful out of the rubble. Because that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Although my attempts do not materialize tangible pretty things like what I wish they would.
These persons with blogs are amazingly talented and I admire them for their multi-tasking and time management skills – something I’m obly good at in games.
Til my next thought bursts. Mwah!

Oh, I miss my laptop — if only to browse blogs while in bed.


I had a Blanca …

I had a Blanca once. She was white and smooth, curvy in all the right spots. She was a beauty back then. But she was way too flimsy and after a while, she had to rest. 

Been through a lot of others after her but she was the first one that I’ve named and she’s the most memorable because of that. Mostly because I loved her name and the fact that I was clever enough to name her that. 

Now, I’m saving up for a new Bianca, a more worthy one to be named and remembered. It would take a while to save up since a lot of responsibilities have piled up since my last big purchase.