I’ve always dreamt of having a blog of my own, even way back in Friendster. But I never really have the time to do it. With Celine and schooling, I just don’t have the time or enough brain cells left to do it. And now that I think about it, I didn’t even have time to log in to Friendster. But with school done and board exams over, my brain is literally begging me for something to think about besides the time I have to harvest my grapes in Farmville or what time to serve my herbed halibut in Café World. Note: all of my brain activities mostly involve Facebook or an open magazine. NOT healthy for the brain. I want something to put my brain back into Pirmera/Drive (A/T or M/T, pick whichever suits you.)
Now, let me see, what to write about. On my first attempts to blog, I thought of writing about my life struggles as a cook. Or even just write recipes, oh but how boring would that be, right? I am so insecure about my cooking skills or myself, for that matter, that I didn’t push through with the cooking blog. I smile just thinking about it, what in the world would I write about cooking?? How to fry a hotdog? Are hotdogs even fried or boiled? Come to think of it, that is a good argument. Well, that’s for another night and another article. Maybe my cooking blog will materialize in the future, who knows?
I also thought about cosmetics, facial care or toiletries because I’ve always wanted advice on them. The articles I’ve typed in advance are somewhere here in my lappie. When I come across them, I’ll patch them and put em up for viewing. Don’t get too excited though, they’re really just me and my rants on the products I recently bought which are in no way special or important. Nothing too fancy. Hint, hint: Lotions, facial wash, shampoo?
Until recently, I gave up on on the whole blog thing. But I came across Sheena’s blog and suddenly felt the urge to share with her my frustrations on blogging. After that, I snapped out of my tamad mode and finally alloted time for my very own blog. A blog on what? Anything under the sun, I suppose. And since I don’t have my person with whom I vent all of my kakulitan and kadaldalan on, I suppose I can make do with my laptop as a sub. It’s almost the same as Nes, doesn’t argue, always agrees, never interjects.
Well, that’s it for now. In my normal bum self, I could prolly go on for a few more paragraphs but I have to be up early tomorrow. For the first time in weeks, I finally have something important to attend to. Yey me! 😀
See you again same time tomorrow? Mwah! :*