Apparently, I do have a blog. One dated December 12, 2008. Eleven months ago. It took me THAT long to make a new post?! Add to that, I forgot the fact that I owned a blog?! WHAT? I must have been so preoccupied.

If you read on, the post is about my “new” car seats which are now eleven months old. True to their age, they do show signs of damages here and there, from the breaks of the leather on the trim to the big mouthful of leather bitten off by my two-year-old Belle.

My post entitled “First” (which should now be called “Second”) is obviously screwed up. Not only is it not the first, it isn’t the breakthrough blog post that I thought it was. So all things said in there are completely futile. *sigh

Wrapped in a thermal blankie, tummy down, legs up, I am making my new post 24 hours early. New topic: My forgotten blog post.

It was yesterday, or technically two days ago since it is past midnight, that Deaa Maglangit asked me to vote for her cutey baby for the pinoy Winning Smile. In order to vote for your selected winning smile, you had to be logged in a Google Account, other accounts were mentioned but I chose Google thinking it was my best shot for a speedy registration. I signed up with my email ad and without much fuss, the comment box for pinoy Winning Smile popped out. I was registered. First thought in my mind: WOW, ambilis. Ganun lang pala magregister sa Google.. My profile name: talkmuchchic. I was confused; I didn’t type in any profile name. I settled on the explanation that I probably made that account for some survey which gave free stuff. The thought of my forgotten blog never crossed my mind.

I am bothered. Lately I’ve been forgetting a LOT of things.

Two nights ago, I sterilized my girl’s milk bottles. Two of them. Immediately after that, I forgot about the bottles. Proof: my mother’s ruined pot and two burnt beyond recognition milk bottles. I went out of the house to drop someone off at their place!

Last night, after the milk bottle incident I took extra care this time while preparing my baby’s milk bottles. Once in the pot, I went in the room to check on Celine. My sister was FBking and I simply had to coach her. Coaching takes time, you know. She asked for the skirts that my FB friend is selling and I navigated my FB account to find that. Next thing you know, we were looking at espadrilles and my baby’s milk bottles are slowly melting away in the kitchen. I remembered the bottles a few minutes after I have tended to my farm (in Farmville, of course). This is after the coaching, after the skirts, after the espadrilles, after the browsing.

My mother managed to save one bottle this time, a mismatched but still useful milk bottle. She also managed not to say a peep about the incident. I’m thinking she used up all of her anger on her tirade the day before about her ruined pot that there’s nothing left to say to me. Damages: one sorry Babyflo milk bottle & one Pigeon nipple. Thankfully, I didn’t ruin the pot this time.

I bought two new small and one large relatively cheap milk bottles. No sense buying expensive ones if I’m going to melt them down anyway. I didn’t boil them this time. I simply immersed them in very hot water. My brain knows it’s not the surest way to sterilize them but my fear is telling me: MOLTEN PLASTIC is on a comeback.

I need a yaya.