Sling bags are just the best bags for travel, agree?
No need to readjust the straps because they won’t slide off your shoulder, both of your hands will be free, and they are quite stylish, at least for me they are.

I was preparing for this trip and the trip includes moving household stuff like refrigerators, beds, what-have-you’s.. I won’t be carrying any of the heavy stuff, although I am VERY capable of doing so. (Yes I am, don’t you look at my small arms!!!) Because people think I can’t carry a heavy load. Mind you, I lifted weights in the past, the quite heavy ones. All the meat in my arms are all Muscle, baby. 🙂 Anyway… I’m counting I’m gonna be helping out with the pillows and maybe the tupperwares full of food (moving them, not eating the contents). Again, Anyway… I was preparing for this trip and my mind was set on using my sling bag, a 6x4x1 pink corduroy bag. It’s the only sling bag I brought home with me from Davao. The fact that it was TINY crossed my mind but there was no way I’m taking my handbag or my shoulder bag.

I started moving my things from my “main” bag to my tiny sling. Since space is very limited, only the basics had the go signal:

1. Money – The wallet or the coin purse? Vote went to the purse. I put it in my bag – they were almost the same size. Scratch that. No coin purse. I grabbed my change and a few bills and put them in a zippered compartment outside the bag. I didn’t have a money clip, but a hair clip will do.

2. Alcohol – I got lucky because my spritzer alcohol’s height was the same as the bag’s.

3. Tissue – the real handy facial tissue ones, relatively small. I chose them specifically for times like these.

4. Hair clip – an elastic band to tie my hair up for those sweaty moving sessions.

5. Earphones – coiled up tightly to conserve space.

6. My compact mirror with brush – Do you have one of these? They’re a must in every girl’s tiny bags!

7. Ballpen & Post-it’s.

8. Lip stain, lip balm in sticks.

9. Phone.

10. Sunglasses – Too big for my bag, just have to tote it around, I guess.

11. Eyeglasses.

11. Lotion.

My bag was starting to swell and there’s just no way to fit both of them. What to do, what to do. Need the glasses around nighttime – that’s when my eyes start to fail. Need the lotion in case I get dried up or something. What to do, what to do.

Lotion trumps Glasses.

Note: I didn’t make it on the trip. I sent them off but I stayed home for domestic reasons.

Catch up again, tomorrow? Or the day after that.. Whatever. Mwah :*