Yes, got sick with… I’m not sure exactly. I’m thinking it’s tonsilitis but then maybe it’s pharyngitis. I don’t know. Been taking paracetamol and some antibacs. Am a little better today. Sick or not, I still got a job to do. Be Belle’s mom. Yesterday, I bathe her. A little lightheaded and nauseated but then it doesn’t matter, you’re still a mom. All I could think about while in the bathroom was – Don’t faint. Don’t faint. Don’t throw up. Don’t throw up. I asked Belle to be good, I told her “Belle, Mommy’s sick. Be good.” In her little way, I think she understood. She wasn’t so hard on me yesterday. God bless her.

Around 8 pm, I was lounging in the sala, cuddled up and reading my Cosmo. She told me, “Mommy sick,” and she got my magazine and patted me as if saying I need to rest. Funny.