Had a lot of things on my to-do list for this Davao trip. I never got a chance to cross out any of them.

Jotted down some notes while I was there to keep track of stuff.

Taxi driver:

I escaped family madness by stashing my stuff inside a nice, almost brand new taxi. This is my routine when riding taxi cabs, name my destination, be polite. Usually the driver just nods, agrees, whatever and does his job. I’ve gotten used to this routine that when this particular driver conversed with me, I found it weird, at first.

He actually greeted my baby when she got in the taxi. And he kept addressing Celine that for a moment the word pedophile crossed my mind. But I quickly scratched the thought off. After a few polite nods and replies from moi, I finally decided that he really was just a nice old man who wanted to talk with his passengers. Well, moving on… The conversation developed. He told me he was just driving around a taxi for the experience and I actually believe him. He told me he had eleven kids, two of which are nurses already – one in Dubai and one in…UK? He told me a lot of things about himself in the span of our 15-minute ride. Either the guy was a really good liar or he actually meant everything he told me. Either way, I enjoyed the talk. It was heartfelt and warm.

Pancake House:
After being trapped in my bukid for a week or two, I finally had a chance to eat tacos again. 😀 which made me quite happy. Food was great as usual, except for the part where I found a tiny hair inside my taco which was, btw, the second hair that I found in the same taco. The first was on the outside, so I didn’t make a big deal out of it. The second one made me lose my appetite. I didn’t think about complaining. But then again.. I grabbed my plate back and searched for the infamous hair and I couldn’t find it! Was the world playing a game on me? I let it slide. Took a pic of us while we were there.

After seven days without seeing each other. Belle missed Daddy.