SM and Manipulation:
The next day, Belle and I finally had to go back to family, the other part of our family. We headed to SM. I was in the mood to save up especially with Belle’s party coming up. But Belle had a different idea. She wanted Rapunzel Princess Barbie. ‘you know how much a “specialty” Barbie costs? A lot! But I can’t afford another running away scene in the store so I told her it was ok – NOT! A few feet off the Barbie racks was a rack filled with teapot toys which I know she LOVES. Haha! I found my way out! After a few manipulative words, Belle didn’t know what hit her! She dropped her expensive Barbie-Rapunzel-Princess toy and got a relatively cheap BUT fun teapot toy! Another save by Mommy! 😀 (p.s.: Belle, if you happen to read this when you get older, I’m sure you’ll understand and get a laugh out of this. Mommy loves you.)
Belle picked out a cake at Red Ribbon and it was purple. Ube macapunoYUM! She even asked if she could eat it by herself. I snapped these outside Chimes while waiting for family.
Love you, Belle.
Every hour is cocktail hour. At least at Marco Polo’s club lounge it is. Food was divine. My mouth is watering as I remember the fish fillet literally melting in my mouth. Everything was cocktail. Mini cakes, finger food, sushi, the works. But everyone had to be shhh-shhh, as we would tell Belle, because business people with business meetings packed the room. In short, kids weren’t allowed. But the food was great and my sister didn’t want us to miss out on it so… blah, blah, blah. Belle ate the fish fingers. I bet she thought it was a “very yummy chicken”. Hehe..
I so LOVE Marco Polo. Around 7:30 PM, someone rang on the door. A woman was standing outside saying something I vaguely remember. I can’t remember her exact words because the whole time I was looking at her I was ogling the tiny complimentary chocolate cakes behind her. I so LOVE this woman too because when she saw that I had three kids in the room, she went back and gave two extra cakes! I am so pleased. The cakes, as expected, were to die for. I could’ve popped them like M&M’s but I thought better of it and savored each bite. Yum, yum, yum, and an extra yum because it was really yummy.

TIANGGE: (Alert!)
Who would’ve thought that there would be a tiangge in Marco Polo Davao? Well, certainly not me. I thought it was another snobbish business event so I didn’t peek in. But you gotta love kids. Celine knew the whole time that it was a party. She’s right, it is a party! A different one than the one she had in mind, for sure. It was Mommy’s time to party with her fellow shopaholics. I didn’t buy much though. Haven’t you heard, I am now a convert. I am no longer a shopaholic. Living in Cotabato has cured of that dreadful disease. Haha.. I have to say, I gotta give myself a pat on the back or something because I had money to burn and A LOT of things to shop but I DIDN’T FALL OFF THE WAGON. Well, I did buy something from the event but they were  reasonable buys. And I could count them all in one hand! 
  • ONE (or should I say, UNO): ESPADRILLES
Espadrille Love. 
  • TWO: Beaded Headband. The beaded headband finally caught up with me. Worked my charm on the salesladies and got a hefty discount. 🙂

*End of Davao Day 2.*