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Okay, that’s a lie.
I’ve always been a PARAMORE fan.
Craved for some twitter a lot today.
And so I tweeted.
Is that the right term?
But then again, in this day and age, are there any right terms?
Tweeted can be twitted.

I was into tweeting when Hayley Williams tweeted…something.
I clicked hayley and was backreading, and backreading.
Don’t know how I got into their site.
Le’me think.
O yes, her profile had a website.
Clicked it again. (I was so bored)
And discovered this Paramore website.
With all of their photos and some blogs by Hayley.
Gotta Love Hayley.
Sensible blog posts.
Great music.
Funny photos.
Listening to Jawbreaker, just as she suggested. Eetz kewl.
On another note:
Loving twitter.
Tried to tweet before but I didn’t get it.
Blame it on my lazy ass.
Gave it another try yesterday (or was it the day before that??)
and I am now loving it, craving for it, actually.
I am now following… so many people. Haha!
On my tweets are: johnmayer and ellen (who doesn’t love ellen?)
Johnmayer tweeted this:

For a hearty laugh, google the words “why won’t” and see what the top results are.
I did just that, again out of boredom.
I did get a good laugh.
Love twitter.
Not as much as Fb. But still..
Found a new love.
Will try customizing my page tomorrow.
Finally found out how to do it, I think.
Will work my powers on CS3.
Saved: 3:11 AM.
Will publish this TOMORROW.