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I had a great night last night
despite the fact that I overslept yet again today.
Had so much progress yesterday, damn.
I slept at 2 AM, for a change, and woke up at 8:20 AM.
That’s a good milestone.

Had a great night last night chatting with my dear friend
who shares the same sleeping hour as me.
Our talk was mostly girl talk, as any talk would most prolly be

between two girl friends who haven’t chatted for a while.
The line of our conversation went from accessories
to Twilight
to Ashley Greene
to Ashley Greene’s naked photos
and to Mo Twister’s blog.
Yes, you read it right.
Ashley M Greene has 4 photos of her NAKED.
Check Mo’s blog if you don’t believe me,
or if you simply want a look-see.
Moving on.
My friend introduced me to my new set of reads
for the next few days to come, also known as Mo Twister’s blog.
I am now currently on my second post from Mo.
The one with Katy Perry’s concert and the THE ATENEO concept.
I was still reading the comments
when this sh*tty brownout happened.
Too bad.
It was almost getting nasty in there.
Safe to say (or should it be Sad to say)
that I am hooked to Mo’s blog.
It would be on my “to do” list of things here in the internet.
I think I’m going to have to cross out one or two stuff from my list
to accommodate Mo’s blog in my busy schedule. Hahaha.
But seriously, I have to let go of something here
unless I want to be the girl who lives in front of their laptops.

Should I give up blogging for this?
I almost did when they introduced PetVille.
But a strong sense in me tells me I shouldn’t.

Not blogging.
It’s been a while. I’ve missed you, blog.
Lots of things have happened and I wanna share all of them with you.
Not to worry. All will be discussed in due time.
In different blog posts, I promise.