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What to Wear, where the hell are you?

I am such an Fb addict. Scratch that. Fb games addict. I find Fb boring the past few days.My connection is having a bit of a problem now in that it is too darn SLOW!!! Swear words should be called for by now but I decided to let it go…and just BLOG about it.


Now, where were we, blog? I missed you.

Do you like a name, blog?

I think you deserve a name.

Just to be clear, I think I’m nuts, too.

I realized tonight that I have something new to be excited about: Conversations.

But not just with anybody, conversations with BELLE!

She just turned three and apparently that’s the only thing she needed for her to start talking, REALLY TALKING.

Last night, she saw my sister exercising and as kulit a baby as she is, she started doing the exact same thing which was funny because she has this buddypoke built. I told her to do Daddy’s push-ups and she did, all the while puffing like her Dad too! Laughtrip! After that, she was panting tired. Funny Belle. We asked her to do my sister’s routine again and she did it with my niece and my sister. Realizing I was the only one sitting down, she stopped and told me, “How bout you, Mom?” No exaggerations. Those were her exact words.

I stopped laughing and checked my head again if I heard her right. My niece stopped and said, “Tita, she said ‘How bout you, Mom?’!” with the proper excited emotion that I should have had. But for a few seconds or so, I was stuck in the moment when I realized my baby can actually string words without me feeding it to her.

This morning she did it again. I was asking her something and as a kulit a mommy as I was I repeated it. She told me, “I don’t know, Mom.” I was stunned. Just this afternoon at a store, she saw a bear and said, “Wow Ma it’s so nice, for Celine please please”, I hesitated. After a long pause, she put the bear back on the shelf and said “Expensive.” with no trace of hurt. The saleslady had a good laugh, that’s for sure.

I am loving my conversations with Belle. *this all happened on Dec 16, 2009