I have twenty followers! Is that pathetic? Haha. I wouldn’t know. I could only name a handful of friends who have twitter and only three of them are tweet addicts. Nevertheless, I always have Twitter. And today, I discovered I have 20 followers, last time I checked there were only 19? Can you spell pathetic again? I checked my followers and found out two unfamiliar names: the first one I approved days ago, the other one just followed me out of nowhere ever since I unprotected my tweets, Pearlydean. Let me tell you about Pearlydean. He has a wife, apparently, and he is FUNNY. Here are some of his tweets:

My wife loves to shop at Bloomingdale’s. I bring her mail there twice a week.

All my wife does is shop – once she was sick for a week, and three stores went under.

My wife will buy anything marked down. Last year she bought an escalator.

The last tweet was the first one I read when I checked him out and I instantly followed him. Anybody can use a little laugh now and then. 🙂

pearlydean @ twitter! 🙂

btw, I don’t know if I broke some rules on this one. Am I allowed to repost someone else’s tweets? I hope so.

Belle update:

She loves Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie, even the bag that comes when you buy three. She carries it around like a briefcase and pretends she’s going to ride on an airplane. She’s hooked to Nickelodeon now, never taking her eyes off the tv. Thus, I blog. 🙂