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It’s raining in Cotabato. Rain always makes me think of floods. Can you guess how many times I’ve been stuck driving my car in floods? My car is not even an SUV, it’s a plain sedan. If my father hears about this, he’ll have a fit. But thankfully, he doesn’t read blogs. I believe he has not even heard the word blog before. Anyway…

I know cars aren’t made for swimming, we have boats for that. But what do you do when you’re stuck in one? Or you have to cross one knee-length flooded road because there was no other way? Only to find out it gets deeper in the middle of the flood?

My heart always stops when I am traversing flooded roads. Found a link that scared me more. http://www.smartdriving.co.uk/Driving/Driving_emergencies/Floods.htm

Why do I always think that my car can take the flood and make it through? Because it always does. Oddly enough, my car has never stalled in floods.  Thank God for that. But what if it does, what to do then?

Water level has subsided at this rate.

As of the moment, I know these are streets that disappear come the rains:

Cotabato City: Santos Street, Salimbao area

Davao City: Obrero, Torres St., Guerrero St., Uyanguren, Boulevard, Road leading to SM near Jiffycar, Subli St. in Lanzona Subd.

Metro Manila: MANILA area, near UST 🙂 all the alleys and roads.

Photo taken during one of Cotabato’s infamous Salimbao floods. This was Day Two of the flood. This is what I made my car go through on Day One. Took a pick-up truck on Day Two because I dare not make my car go through THIS again.