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My baby’s teeth have caries. 😐

Don’t exactly know what to do. I blame myself for this, of course. Tsk tsk tsk.

I’ve noticed this before but I thought they were just teeth stains. I tried removing them by brushing her teeth with Baking Soda mixed with water but nothing happened. (I did my research on this one and a lot of them came up with baking soda.) And so I thought the baking soda trick just doesn’t work. I didn’t want to believe that my baby’s teeth have caries. Tonight I decided to floss her two front teeth and decided to use a toothpick to try to pick out the teeth “stains”. And that’s when I noticed that they were embedded in the teeth. Aren’t stains supposed to be superficial or something? Argh. I’m so pissed at myself now.

I’ve considered going to the dentist before but thought I was just being overprotective. Why would a two-year-old need a dental checkup? I should’ve. I should’ve. I should’ve. I should’ve.

I guess we’re going to the dentist tomorrow then. Are there dentists working on holidays??


Also, last night Belle’s urine was disturbingly dark yellow, almost orange, almost pink. PINK! Only one thing would make urine pink – BLOOD! So naturally, my mind started racing. What would cause ORANGE urine? My eyes squinted and I literally almost kissed the toilet bowl just to get a better look at the urine. Have I mentioned that looking at urine was once a job I had to do? I’m a medical technologist and I should’ve known better. The urine wasn’t pink. It was more like dark yellow. But my mind kept thinking what if’s. I started showering Belle with questions to make her say if anything was “ouch” or “yayay” in her. She said no, of course. I literally ran a list of all the food she ate and started making theories. Maybe it was the orange soda??

I started regretting the fact that I didn’t bring my college books with me. (That was how paranoid I was!) Immediately, I sought refuge in Facebook. I tried to look for professors online and found my trusted Sir Ian online. He told me it was probably just dehydration. And I was on that already, making Belle drink a glass of water. We had a lot of bathroom trips last night. Every time, I was looking at her urine, still ORANGE. BAD.

I told Belle to drink water “so that you won’t have ouch wiwi”. She agreed. And she keeps saying “no ouch wiwi” every time she drank.

Water therapy. I waited it out ’til today. In the morning, there was still a tinge of “orange” in her urine. This afternoon, it was back to normal. I breathed easier then.

Looking back, I realized there isn’t such a thing as orange urine. Not in my books, anyway.