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As I read my friend, Doby’s blog I realized i should make my own Christmas wishlist.

I have wishlists, separated into categories: 1) affordable, 2) expensive or impractical and 3) mixed irrational wishes.

While writing the affordable list would be good, it wouldn’t be tasty. So i will commence on writing my expensive/impractical wishlist. Mixed irrational wishes are emotional and very private, so I will not share that with anyone. Sometimes, not even to myself.

My Christmas wishlist starts with:

1. JBL Ipod Dock. Compact. Perfect for my bath trips, loud enough to seep through the bathroom door, compact to fit it in the messy room. I should perch it high up in the cabinets though, away from the hands of Belle-a.

2. Ipod charger and ipod cable. Not exactly expensive but impractical just the same since I already have one. Would like to replace them because they are no longer squeaky clean and white as they used to be. Ipod cable starting to show wear (and tear in some places). But I’ve been holding myself back from buying new ones because…I need to buy this first and that first.

3. Digital camera. A new one. This one is one of the cheapest I could find that will do. Although Canon’s cheapest one is also a want in this post. I would want that new Samsung camera with the dual LCD also. Hubby just shrugs me off when I say digicam because we already have two.

4. Flip Video Camcorder. πŸ™‚ Is this serious? I don’t know if it takes decent videos though. But I like. It’s actually quite cheap. And videos can be easily uploaded to my laptop. Wee. πŸ™‚ Holding back because quality might be such a letdown.

5. Ipod Nano. The new one. Please? If not the Flip Video Camcorder, this one would do. This one trumps the Flip Video, yes, but I already have an Ipod, so Flip Video trumps this one on the “list”.

6. Any of these DSLR’s will do. Christmas gift, Ate? πŸ˜€ Hehe. Would be nice to put “stellar” photos (if I can take one) in this blog.

New laptop bag and sleeves, too. Please. πŸ™‚

Thank you very much, Santa. I accept late gifts. πŸ™‚