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Okay, so this is my organizer. I have mentioned in the past that I am forgetful. Because of this, I have ALWAYS written things down esp before traveling to avoid leaving something important behind like, say, Belle’s MILK or Belle’s MILK BOTTLES (yes, it has happened, MANY times before).

I found this free app in Itunes and immediately synced it to my phone. Got a load of other free stuff, too. Most of which I erased once I’ve tried them and learned why they were free. I have downloaded other organizer apps too but this one stands out for me. I love the fact that it looks like the real thing and you can change fonts and sizes and lines and all sort of thingies that I haven’t tried yet because I got busy packing for a trip tomorrow, well later actually. (Busy packing but I’m blogging heehee)

I am off to sleep, guys. Catch some zzz’s before I have to be up again.