Well, not exactly.

Belle and I are going on a trip today. I got busy packing last night for an overnight stay in Neverland, where things are magical and time stops (at least, I hope it would).

I would miss you, blog. And Twitter. Don’t exactly know what I get from twitter. But I crave for it, as mentioned in a previous post. *This reminds me that I have to ask my sister or niece to play my PetSociety in Facebook.

Irrelevant things aside. I have painted my nails RED for this trip, for Luck. Slightly hazy updates will be posted tomorrow night and probably a detailed post after that. I am VERY excited but haven’t really allowed the feeling to sink in so that it won’t get jinxed. Wish us luck y’all.

Belle and I are going on a trip – We’re going on a trip on our favorite rocket ship, shooting through the sky, Little Einstein. Climb aboard, get ready to explore, there’s so much to find, Little Einstein.