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I am married to a rockstar, or at least one who sings along with one. So I got used to rock songs. Even my 3-yr old tot sings like Hayley, with the headthrusting stuff going. And so I ask myself this question, would it be too lame if I listen to Taylor Swift? Not the usual Taylor songs, I couldn’t stand them actually. But the other tracks on her album. Forever & Always is a fave. Got a chance to listen to her music while dl-ing albums to refresh my ipod songs. I fell in love right on. I was even amazed that her songs are actually good.
Tonight, while the world is busy lighting fireworks and filling the sky with lights and the ground with smoke, we’re all here on the floor (my baby sleeping beside me, snoring). I am listening to Taylor Swift and playing mahjong on my ipod. After a few songs of Taylor’s, I lined up a few Paramore songs including Use Somebody (which is, by far, my most favorite) just to secure the rockstar inside me. Paramore would probably keep me up for a few tracks before I’ll call it a night.

Journal Entry #1
Dated December 31st, 2OO9