Oh my! Forgive me. I have behaved quite badly. I should have cleared things up:

Let me tell you why I have been making my journal entries. I am living in Farmville (the real thing), for approx. 3 weeks. I have prepared dozens of pictures but sadly, I can’t upload using my mobile. So you just have to take my word for it. Here is a place where life takes you and not vice versa. It’s the simple life, seriously. Early wake up calls, good sleeping habits, manual labor, the works. My laptop is here, of course. But there is no decent internet connection anywhere! Not from my purchased usb wireless broadband whatever. Not from any dsl lines. Not a wifi spot in 40 kilometers. NOTHING. Just a lousy gprs connection from husband’s cellphone which I have hogged for the night out of sheer delusion that it will suffice my craving for the big www. I have been religiously writing though. Journal entries which I have kept in several places which I now cannot remember.

I have posted my first journal entry, the one and only entry that I wrote using my ipod, apparently. I probably have to look for the others in various notepads and papers strewn on top of our bed. Who knows I might get lucky.

JOURNAL ENTRY # 2: January 7, 2010

Today, Belle and I fed a COW! I tried to feed a rabbit. We tried to wean Belle from feeding her babies (the ducks that keep showing everytime Belle goes out of the house).

I also cooked sugpo (giant tiger prawn). Yummiest recipe of sugpo I know. Okay, maybe not the yummiest but it certainly ranks way up there.