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As I hurriedly made a dash around the familiar spot, I bumped into some necessities, old loves and the memories that come with them.

This is the Energizer Readlite, it’s kinda cool:

Immediately got me thinking of my dear husband who reads at night with a night light set on the dimmest mode (?).

Should probably get this for him if I weren’t on a super tight budget nowadays. Yes, people, the smart mom in me is putting her foot down. No more irrelevant buys. But I couldn’t stop thinking about this one. Maybe I should get this. Maybe I will. Maybe not. Hey, don’t tell on me, okay? ;>

Found these too:

and these 

Ahh, LOVE. Another girl snagged a pretty white and red one just before I got to them. Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to buy them. Just admire them, for a minute or two. As I said, she’s putting her foot down. No unnecessary buys.

These kicks take me back to a time where running to a mall was something I would do, in sneakers and jeans carrying army bags. *looks up in the ceiling, reminiscing, daydreaming, smiling, sighing, looks down, sad. Where was I?

Just another day.

Won’t you just love to run in those pairs up there? Pfft.