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I’ve been reading a lot of posts with a lot of have-a-great-weekend! greetings. And I was like…so? I don’t even know what day of the week it is. Well, except for Mondays. I always look forward to Mondays because of my addiction to Pet Society (thank you very much for the boo’s) but in between Mondays, I am always lost. I would always know that Mondays are coming up though, because my father would always treat us to a Jollibee afternoon date (hooray Papa) every Sunday. I don’t know why he always picks Jollibee over McDo. Personally, I always go for Mcdo Cheeseburger or a hefty BigMac over Jollibee’s Yum. Ooh, all this talk makes me want to grab one (cheeseburger, BigMac, even the Yum) with fries and large orange juice please (iced tea if it’s Jollibee?).

By the way, I wanted to try to get into the NO RICE diet during dinner tonight. Except, I only remembered it while I was already finishing up my cup of rice, second dimsum and half of my tortang talong (sorry, I don’t think they have an exact translation for this – it’s a dish made of roasted eggplant fried with scrambled egg, did that make sense? :D) I will hold the diet off ’til tomorrow, Lunch, I promise. I never eat a decent breakfast anyway. Now, I’m off to the kitchen to grab some Palabok – okay, another hazy term, this is what came up when i googled it: native dish made of rice noodles with yellow sauce. I tried to search again using different keywords but nothing really comes up except for recipes. Well, okay I guess that’s it.