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Talk about great timing. I started my NO RICE diet just right before my period is about to start — PMS, anyone? Add to that quitting RICE cold turkey. Perfect. Now, my daughter’s doomed. But I am keeping high hopes my cravings wouldn’t kick in. I usually have them along with PMS.
I guess I could probably push my NO RICE Diet to another week. But I am trying to be good this year. Good luck to me!
Like what I tweeted, I hope I can be one of those people who had goals in their lives. This would be one of my goals. Hurray for me!

No Rice Diet for a week, a month, or two? Crossing my fingers.

I might have to advise people to check up on me regularly. Or put the whole house on alert of my fainting. You know, the usual, watch out for me while I’m driving or simply while inside the house tweeting. Or maybe I should just wear a big ol’ POSTER: On NO RICE DIET. Watch Out, Might Faint.