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Been reading mommy blogs, just skimming (or scanning?), really. A lot of them I followed via my Blogger account because they are mostly (99.9%) using blogger. This is quite irritating because every time I want to follow up on my reads, I have to log on to blogger! Can someone please teach me how to follow a blogger blog (?) using wordpress? (Seriously need a tutor or something when it comes to blogging.)

Where was I?

While skimming the posts, I found one by The Babbling MummyResolutions. Personally didn’t believe in them, or was just LAZY to make them and stick to them. I’m not even sure if I made a list of resolutions this year. Did I?

The Babbling Mummy babbled about her resolutions and this was her first:

Be more patient with my children. I’m not a meany mum (most of the time) but sometimes when I’m tired I shout too easily when really, the children haven’t done anything wrong. I need to save it for when they’ve been really naughty!

I believe this should be the first in my resolution as well. First and only resolution? Because I don’t want to ponder on other stuff that I should change in my life. Might as well spend the time daydreaming or do something frivolous.

But I think my darling 3-yr-old deserves this. She is starting to outgrow her terrible two stage and is actually becoming a smarter, kinder, sweeter and, I must say, more mature little lady. I must refrain from shouting. I just noticed these past few days that I have been yelling a lot. Been trying to reign it in though. But eventually the yelling starts after a few failed attempts of making her do this or that. But I am blaming PMS for the past few days. Really. 🙂

I know after reading this, some of you will imagine a yelling X( mummy and a shocked baby in a heated argument over bath time. But really, my baby is an angel. She is. But she can be quite the little devil when she wants to be, which is approximately eighty percent of the day.

I better wrap things up. I just remembered another resolution (Man, I should write these things down!) To sleep early-er. Besides, my No-Rice-Diet-thingy is making me cranky cranky cranky. Tummy has been yelling at me for about 16 minutes now – Grrr, Grrr, Grrr!!!