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I added a widget on my sidebar. It features books that I am currently reading. Hopefully I’ll get to change the picture at least twice a month.

If you scroll down, you could see that I am currently reading Harry Potter, the first book. I’ve never read any HP books. Watched all of the movies but never read a single book. Want me to tell you why I missed out on all the Harry Potter fun? Well, you don’t really have a choice now, do you? Here goes.

I was reading LOTR trilogy then. I was engrossed in the lengthy sentences and deep furrowing of eyebrows as I tried to understand what Tolkien was trying to say – tried being the operative word. With Tolkien’s words in my head, I simply checked the HP book my seatmate was reading during class. Compared toLOTR, HP is considerably simple and it didn’t really move me. I forgot about Harry Potter after that.

Not until last year when my husband mentioned that I should read the books so as not to ‘miss out’. I shrugged and figured I didn’t have anything to do anyway. I kept obsessing over finding the first book of Harry Potter in our local bookstores. I simply couldn’t live with myself if I started reading the fourth or fifth book which were the only ones available back then. They didn’t have Sorcerer’s Stone until January this year.

Before Harry Potter, I was reading Devil Wears Prada, funny book. Stopped in the middle of it, lent it to my sister, and started reading my new book. Harry Potter is entertaining. As always, reading the book is far better than watching it on screen. Plus, it’s very easy to read. No furrowing of the brows here.

So, in between blogging, reading “Men” in Menstruation, Pet Society, What to Wear (also a Facebook game), tweeting and BELLE. I’m with Harry Potter.

Update on my Rice Diet, ate beef steak and mushrooms with rice. Before you start saying your I-knew-it’s, I only ate a quarter of a cup. Or maybe it was more like half a cup. 😐 But that was it. Now, off to the weighing scale.