Alas, the day is finally coming to an end. Now’s my time to shine – er, blog.

Finally had to ask: How to Add Links to my Blogroll? Googled. Dashboard. Links. Edit. Was I that dumb?

While on the process of adding-selecting-adding-reading-adding, my baby started crying in her sleep. Tuned it out at first. She does that sometimes, mumbling arguments with someone in her sweet little (or big) dreams. But when her cries and kicks proved stronger than my willpower to blog, I stopped and checked on her. She had tears on her yummy cheeks. I wanted to kick myself right where it hurts, or in my case, pinch on my bruised knee from my infamous fall last week. (Sorry, I intentionally forgot to post about that incident. I believe the bruise it will give my ego would definitely surpass the one on my knee. Yey.)

It is always a parent’s job to do the soothing and reassuring when a baby cries. So I tried that.

ME: Belle, Belle, why? It’s okay.

Belle: (loud crying, and some serious thrashing)

Repeat, for about three times.

After our third bout, I decided to do some serious mothering. Carried her like she’s 5 months old, back when she fit perfectly in my arms. Cuddled and swung her softly. Aww… Despite the situation, I found myself smiling. Reminiscing.

I carried her out of the room to get some water. I couldn’t take to leave her alone in the room in such a state of distress. My poor Belle. Carrying her out of the room gave me such a heavy feeling, it ain’t bad though. It was something else. Something fulfilling. Managed to give her a tall glass of water from which she took a TINY sip. I winced. I normally force her to drink/sip more water but I think she deserves a get out of jail free card this time, don’t you think so too?

She rushed to the bed. It was like she was eager to cry again. In bed, I asked her why she was crying. And she was pointing at something in the room. There was a tiniest bit of fear in me that she would say, Mumu, or monster. And at some point, I did get scared. Heart racing as she started pointing again. She was mumbling something. I couldn’t really understand her because she was also thumbsucking. Finally, she took her thumb out and said, “TV, Mom.”

“There’s monster in the TV?” She shook her head. “I want to watch TV, Mom.” There. I should’ve known she would find a way to weasel her way into watching her movies.

Now I am back to blogging, done with my links widget. Time to get back to Belle’s side while she watches her TV. Oh, my bad. She’s fast asleep again.