I’m back!

Went on a short trip last weekend. I can’t seem to come up with a decent summary of the whole trip. What the h did I do on that trip? Hmm..

Found a pair of nice jeans. Belle’s adorable shoes. Hmm..what else?

Will upload pics of them nice jeans when I get good ones taken tomorrow.


Violet my trusty ol’ car won’t start last week. Got her a new battery and all, and she still won’t start. So…Got a mechanic to take a look at her. He started the car and guess what she did?! Her engine hummed her sweet purrs again. So what happened?

Distressed. Depressed.

What happened to you, dearie?

After a bit of frisking, mechanic diagnosed her with “no freon” – does that make sense? Her aircon unit isn’t working right, he said. I got sad but at least she started, right? As for her early episode of stalling, I figured it was just a case of tampo. Help me, english translation please.

The next day, I took her out for a drive (the first time in over a month!) even with her AC not working. Sweat, sweat and more sweat. Boy, did she show me how much she hated me for neglecting her. Got out of the car for some errands. Went back in, turned the AC on and surprise, surprise it was like nothing ever happened. Her AC was back to normal and the car became so cold in a few that I even had to turn it off for a while just to get my fingers to defrost. So much for Violet’s drama. I never knew she was such a drama queen.