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I have been logging in and out of wordpress for days now. Can’t seem to fix my mind on what to say.

This is my attempt to conquer writer’s block.

I had a two-hour affair with breakfast today. Which is something. The fact that I ate breakfast and the fact I woke up early enough to eat breakfast – a very early breakfast at that. Drawing it out for two hours wasn’t intentional, at first. But the longer we stayed on the table (me & Belle), the happier I became. I was proud to have actually seen my father’s morning ritual – his morning activities which I never get to see since I always wake up a few minutes before lunch.

I had coffee, eggs, corned beef and bread. Belle had the same minus the coffee, she had water instead, I was trying to get milk in her meals but she religiously refuses.

While eating I let myself absorb all the small details that I usually do not see. Our dog is outside trying to do her thing. My father is at his table counting and counting, writing and writing, and thinking – God knows what’s on his mind when he goes quiet like that. Meanwhile, Belle is happily singing while she plays with her Polly Pocket. Abba is in the background singing Dancing Queen, Belle’s favorite. She got this Abba mania going when she watched Mamma Mia – I wouldn’t have let her watch that if she wasn’t dancing and singing along to it. Every mother grabs the chance to watch their child sing and dance. Meanwhile, I was wondering what my husband is doing. We’re texting, he’s amazed that I’m up early. Wish he were here.

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for a long time, bloggie. I’ve been preoccupied, so to speak. I am going to med school next semester. I haven’t mentioned that. Got a lot of things on my mind: to-do lists, requirements, the works. Aside from that, I have been brooding a lot –  on said topic, Med School. I wonder how I’ll brave through that one with Belle and all. This explains my writer’s block, I think. I’ve wanted to write about it for so long. But I’ve been putting it off. I fear that jotting things in paper, making them tangible, will make them real. And I will be forced to face them. Although technically, they will be real in a few months. That scares me.

Belle will start school also. I should probably find my cape or a costume of some sort, Supermom might be called for.

Excited to start schooling again though. But it scares the shit out of me. I’m torn.

Anyway, today was refreshing. And I love it. After breakfast, I listened to some music. And sang along. I am considering conversion to a morning person. If only for that. Music sounds so good in the mornings.

Nice to be back, blog. Missed you.