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Hubby’s equivalent to a ten-second car – his ten-second rig.

I set this rig up the other night. And boy oh boy, was it heavy. And I didn’t even had to do any carrying. Just nudging it was work enough. Sprained my neck trying to peer at the back just to get a look at where I’m plugging the wires.

I’m not sure with the specs. Pretty sure it has the Antec 1200 casing, Megahalem cooler, Asus RIIE something (because I always hear him brag about it), Silverstone fans, a Razer Deathadder mouse with a matching mouse pad, Spyro JBL speakers and Samsung LCD monitor. Now he’s drooling over something with the name Micro ITX. Time for a change, I guess. I might like his future rig more, he showed me a photo of a small aluminum casing he’s been eyeing. It’s cute! Haha. I might even claim that as my own and give him my laptop instead. I doubt if he’ll ever agree to that.