Random Bubble #1:

Washed my face. Went out of the bathroom. Went back in thinking I forgot something. Long pause, thinking hard. “What did I forget” Oh, yes! Washed my face again. It was only when I was already rinsing my face that I realized I’ve already washed my face. 😐 What’s up with that?



I used my father’s Innova/MPV* to drive my mother to her Valentine party with friends. It was already dark out and I wasn’t used to the car’s interior. I even fumbled for the gearshift which was right beside me. Anyway, driving in my hometown at night always gives me the creeps. You never know what might happen to you, run into the wrong kind of attention with other cars and you’ll get in trouble. Scary. People carry guns here as part of an ensemble, even with the gun ban going on.

As I would be driving home alone I decided to bring our dog along with me to give me a sense of security. Not much since she’s only a Shih Tzu and Lord knows how much of a guard dog she can be. But I brought her along anyway.

I’ve always thought about this. It seems like we have different rules here for traffic & driving. You can:

  1. Drive outside the lanes.
  2. Stay in the middle of two lanes.
  3. Double park.
  4. Park anywhere, everywhere.
  5. Overtake any car even if you don’t have enough leeway.
  6. Honk if the car in front of you won’t give way.
  7. Honk if the car in front of you is too darn slow.
  8. Honk again.
  9. And again.
  10. Stop in the middle of the road to chat with a friend who is also driving.
  11. If you were a jeepney driver, you can stop in the middle of the road to load or unload passengers.

It also seems like roads here were made to limit progression. Two-lane roads everywhere. Sometimes roads go without shoulder lanes. Plus, there are no decent jeepney stops. Motorcycles speed up thinking they’re race cars. That some crazy sh*t. Not much street lights (headlights were on high most of the time). What else? Help me out, people.

*I looked it up, MPV means Multi Purpose Vehicle, also known as a minivan. Just an added info. ;>