My face has been a breeding ground for all things icky for at least three weeks now. I’m not loving it. Who would?

Tried a kojic acid soap when the first batch of blackheads/pimples came out. I think the soap made it worse. Waited it out until I got totally disgusted with my face and decided to switch back to my old soap which was also the same color as the kojic soap (orange- I wonder if they have similar ingredients?). My old soap didn’t do anything to help the scenario. So I changed to an old favorite:

Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil has worked it charm. Finally my skin is getting a break from the acne streak. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully it’ll clear up after a week or two.

Product of the Week + Widget

I’ve decided to feature a product every week. Will be posting a product every Monday. Since I’m not into make up, don’t expect much from that area. I ain’t no fashionista either so I wouldn’t be posting outfits that are fab. I would try to come up with something interesting, I will honestly TRY.

This is seriously turning up into a mistake. Posting a product weekly would be a feat, who knew?

Uhm, have you noticed the new widget I have up?