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It’s Monday!

I’ve been thinking of product of the week for days since I last posted the product of the week article. It wasn’t until yesterday that I made up my mind. And this afternoon when the product of the week was put to a challenge by another product. And right when I was finally making my final decision it hit me.

I was putting two products to bout for product of the week.

Pillsbury was my initial bet until we made another batch of pancakes using the latter. While interviewing my niece and nephew regarding their pancake bet, I was munching on my pancakes, putting way too much butter and syrup. I realized why I enjoyed the pancakes soooo much. The butter! It was one of the creamiest, if not the creamiest butter ever.

So, I present to you the product of the week:

Thanks to our pancake fever this week, I have tried and tested three brands of pancake mix available here. Also, I have the pancake fever Belle had her first burn on the finger. Nothing major, so don’t yo worry. She’s so eager to do the coking herself. But she’s okay, she’s a toughie.

Back to my product. Anchor spreadable is butter love with a little queasiness at the end of the meal when I know I’ve had more than enough butter (butter = fat). It’s also good paired with boiled cassava plus sugar.

That’s it for today. I can’t straight because my Sims 3 World Adventure is waiting for me.


Random Bubble # 2:

My ears hurt every time I put earrings! And they even ooze juices out. Not a lot but there’s something. I was told to put only “real” jewelry, none of the fancy ones. And I did, I have. My heart breaks when I see cute fancy earrings because I know it will never work for me. I stayed with gold jewelry all these years but now it’s back, its ugly head rearing with juices to boot. I googled it and found that I should only wear nickel-free earrings. What the…

Okay, I’m off for now. I’m going to Egypt in Sims 3. 🙂