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So I’m back to being my old withdrawn self – not good for blogging.

Aloof and quiet again. Why? Nothing big. Just the future looming with an ugly intimidating scary face. 😐

Updates, updates.

I’ve been saving up for a camera. Have I mentioned that? Not going for the dslr’s even though that was a wish in Christmas. Looking on compact ones, easy to lug around with Belle in tow. I’ve decided on Panasonic Lumix FZ35. I am tempted to ask for financial help from those who can easily afford (i.e. my father) but been holding back. But tomorrow, I will seriously give it a try, the begging, I mean.

I’m starting with a compact camera because, that’s just it – I’m starting. I fear the dslr’s size and unlimited perks might be too much for me and my budget. In the future, I might consider an upgrade to the dslr’s and their lenses and filters. But for now, this is what my budget and skills would allow me. The FZ35 has manual exposure controls, even shutter priority and aperture priority. I don’t know exactly what they are but they sound appealing. I did my research on them and I am taking down notes. I am hyped to tweak these features. Another thing that got me drooling is the video capability. An exciting feature that I could use to record Belle’s quirks. She’s been singing and dancing a lot, and I mean all day every day a lot, and I want it all properly documented. I love the fact that it is compact yet a little bulky. It is chic yet rugged – does that even make sense? What I’m trying to say is, I see myself in this camera and I see myself using this camera. (Took a break to write down my love letter to my financer. *crossing my fingers) One drawback though: no hotshoe. Too bad for that. Other than that, I am inlove with this camera.

Update #2:

Already applied for medical school last week. Yey me…not. Took some exams for psych, mental aptitude, and one more exam I can’t remember.

I lied in the psych test. My friend said you can’t lie in those psych tests, she would know I guess since she’s a Psych Major. But I think I did lie. Putting up a front that I wasn’t shaken about my current problems – something like that. I had fun taking the other test, it was about choosing which profession you like between the two given. You can choose one, choose both or cross both out if you hate em. There were a lot of dream professions there: engineer, journalist, commercial model (haha!), surgeon, etc. That was fun. The IQ test was a bit testy. I almost ran out of time for that, hence, the mini-miney-mo technique on some of the questions. But all in all it was okay. Wrote two essays on “How do you see yourself 5 years from now?” Boy, that was hard to fabricate. Seriously, I do not see myself that far away in the future.


My iphone’s battery has been draining way too fast lately which sucks because I limit my usage of it outside the house. I don’t play the games, I don’t listen to music just to lenghten the battery life. I’ve been reading up on it too. (Yes, I have been reading and engaging myself in geeky topics which is also partly why I’ve been neglecting you, bloggie. Sorry.) The battery life is a concern of a lot of other users too. Gahd. Been thinking of getting a new phone, a Blackberry perhaps? *roll eyes* I might get bored of the BB. I’ve been using my phone for almost a year and I love it and all the apps that come and can come with it. So switching to a BB might make me go on withdrawal. No more Oven Break Free, Moonlight Mahjong, Amateur Surgeon. Can I take it? Btw, does BB have apps? Aha, another topic to read on.

Last update:

Hometown is getting scarier and scarier by the day. Two days in a row, someone was shot dead in broad daylight by a man riding a motorcycle. No leads yet, AS ALWAYS. Two weeks ago, my cousin was shot by a man who rode in his car and tried to kidnap his kids. The elections in May is really stirring the people up. It is a scary time to live in Cotabato. Scary, scary times. My advice to fellow Cotabatenyos, while driving always check the mirror if someone is lurking behind you. You never know when they might shoot the wrong target and that unfortunately happens to be you. When a motorcycle gets close to your car, check if they look suspicious. If they are, find a way to lose them. If stuck in traffic, DUCK in your car? I don’t know if I’m making sense. Never go to a uncrowded place, road or alley.

Oh, and another thing: we have scheduled rotating brownouts. Our zone has these brownouts at 9AM, 3PM, 7PM. One hour with no electricity, three times a day, everyday. What’s up with that?

Oops.. This is the last, I swear. Product of the week is late this week, will post it tomorrow. 🙂