I am a fan, or maybe a member of SmartParenting.com‘s Facebook account. From time to time, they share links of recipes and  get to view them on my news feed. Never really gave them much attention because all my eyes are fixed on free Cafe World food, or the latest gossip, er, pictures and the likes. But out of curiosity, I clicked the link of the very small image. It was a recipe for Fruits in Gelatin, nothing serious which would need my culinary prowess, but it was an idea. I viewed the other recipes they had and I got excited. They were all easy stuff. 🙂 Something worth trying on boring afternoons with Belle.

Tomorrow, I’ll start with one of the easier recipes – the Mini Hotcakes with corn and cheese.

I already have the pancake mix here, plus the corn and cheese in the pantry. I’m excited to see Belle’s reaction (she loves corn!).