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Forgive the delay in posting my product of the week. I was about to write about my favorite brand of sanitary napkins. Sadly, I didn’t get to use them on my time of the month. Add horror to the situation, the replacement pads I did use gave me a serious allergic reaction, a diaper rash, if you may.

Spent much time looking for the product in the internet and this is the most decent one I’ve got:

It's the one on the right.

This week, instead of posting something I love love. I will post something of the opposite. Meet the bane of my existence. It’s only a personal opinion, I don’t mean harm. But I seriously had ‘allergic’ problems when I used these. Now, all Kotex lovers out there, don’t hate me. They might be the best for you, good for you, but not for moi.

I never knew you could get such reactions to any pad. But maybe all of the blame shouldn’t be put on the pad alone. So I thought of all the possible causes.

I was on antibiotics around that time, maybe the antibiotics messed up with my normal flora and yeast started proliferating? It is a solid theory, yes. Checked it with my calendar and the dates don’t match. I was on antibiotics a few days after the ‘reaction’ started. But still, could it be thrush? (See that, Kotex lovers, I am actually demeaning my hygienic practices just to give you the benefit of the doubt.) I am about to find out. Next on my agenda is finding the right ointment or cream or whatever treatment I can find for my problem. 😐 Scratch that. Next on my agenda is getting help from a professional. Yikes, ob-gynes are scary.