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I wish I had my own pet dog. And I wish it were any of these:

Lab pups - LOVE.

They are sooo cute. I want one although I’m not sure how I could ever take care of him/her once med school drama starts. Would be cool to have one as a guard dog though. Sigh.

Nytie peeps, just came home from a hectic day. Here’s a recap:

1) I finally placed an order for my camera. 🙂

2) Went to the airport to pick up hubby’s new case – Raven 02 something.

SilverStone RV02

He’s going to build another mini city in here.

3) Next stop was the hospital to get sputum culture results, which were bad. 😐

4) The Bank. To withdraw loads and loads of cash. 😀

5) Next stop: Doctor’s clinic. We went to a pulmonologist to have the culture results interpreted, in which she did. She prescribed medications amounting to approx. 12k. Bad, bad. Not the worst news yet: medications were to be given intravenously. Somebody had to hit the vein. And I was left with the daunting task, being a medical technologist and all. This part is confusing, why task a medtech with an IV when nurses can do it in the hospital, etc? It is not my story to tell. If it were, you would have heard about it already. Let’s just say, I am in on the secret mission to keep our patient top secret and away from the prying hands of other people, that includes any other medical personnel aside from two trusted nurses.

Regarding the IV inserion, in my mind I was struggling with two opinions:


I wasn’t trained for this. I’m a phlebotomist, yes, but I have never used an IV cannula to hit a vein before, I don’t know how the mechanism works.


But hey, think of the cannula as a syringe, right? They are almost the same. It looks pretty simple too. (Never mind the fact that nurses actually take weeklong IV trainings.) I can do this. I could use a challenge. 🙂

End result:

I was up for it! But the veins weren’t. I couldn’t palpate a single sturdy vein in our patient’s handS/wrists. I didn’t want to practice on her either. So I was frustrated but also relieved for the most part.

That’s it. 🙂 I’m excited for my camera 😀