After a verrrry long while, I visited my blog again and saw my new theme. Gosh, I even forgot about my theme change. It’s been too long. So much has happened:

  • Belle has started school.
  • My laptop died, resurrected, died, and now in a pretty good condition despite fluctuations. My laptop needed a holy week break, I suppose. But now my laptop’s off to the shop, they’re trying to fix her.
  • I took about two steps closer to becoming a med student: Got myself accepted, paid the commitment fee. Last step would be enrollment sometime next week.
  • Learned a lesson in humility.

I have actually been refraining from blogging for a long while now because I am contemplating on what I am going to write about. I don’t exactly write poetry here. Seriously thinking of moving to a new blog anonymously, for a few reasons. One of which is my being a private person, and secretive I might add. There are still some things that I want to say here but can’t because I really don’t like random people to know about it. I sound extremely paranoid *rolls eyes. And having my laptop gone made me a little self- conscious blogging using my sister’s desktop. This is me now: typing at the fastest speed possible all the while thinking she’s behind me looking at my post, which I am uncomfortable with.

This is my shot at going back to the blogosphere.