I have a problem with my earlobes. If I had my camera now, you could see for yourself the disgusting thing that has been happening in/to them. Everytime I take my earrings off there’s usually a bloody excreta oozing from the right one. The left one’s a bit okay, just the oozing minus the blood. Eew, I know!

My mother has the same thing. I guess it runs in the family. We can only wear earrings that are…uhm, nickel-free. At least, that’s what I read while looking it up in google. This is why I can’t ever sport those cute fancy fashion earrings. I tried to wear them before, even chose the “hypo-allergenic” ones – to no avail. Now, I have these incredible earrings from my mother-in-law. They’re pure gold BUT I guess they have nickel in them because my earlobes have juices out of them. Yuck.

Oh, and it’s May?! When did that happen? One more month to go before Med School. Geez. :/