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My “beauty” regimen at night starts with:

  1. Washing my face with transparent soap
  2. Wiping on the astringent – Clindamycin Phosphat ek-ek
  3. Slathering on a rejuvenating cream plus super whitening lotion/cream afterwards
  4. Lastly, dabbing a mask on some unsightly areas.

I asked my niece to take a photo of me donning my mask and here it is:


And so, one thing led to this and another thing led to that and we ended up goofing around, me and Belle.

Next, she wanted to do the “top model” pose as she has seen in the America’s Next Top Model episodes that I watched.

She has a lot of those pouty lip poses and the head to the side ones too. I just can’t seem to correct that smile. LOL.


Oops..camera glitch. Belle is going to strangle me when she gets old. Lol.

Last one:

Some sidenotes:

I just noticed, my last two posts were all about my freakin’ allergies. How many can one person have?! ARGH! I am now adding a category named – yes, you guessed it! – ALLERGIES.

MedSchool countdown: May 2 = 36 days to go. When I think about this, my heart drops a million feet into abyss.

I am loving my new theme, only it squishes my photo when viewed from my home page – that’s not good. But I like it and I’ll try it on for a few days or weeks.