On a whim, I got myself a Cherry Mobile P1 phone today. I’ve seen it once in Facebook and asked my friend about it. I was intrigued. This afternoon while browsing several phones in a store, I asked the saleslady way too many questions and felt guilty about not buying anything after she went through all the trouble. I figured the P1 wouldn’t hurt the pocket much. I asked Belle to pick a color she likes and she chose RED.

Belle's phone daw.

Yesterday, while waiting outside Belle’s classroom my sister texted me: “May package ka.” (You have a package.) My heart leapt. It’s here, my heart yelped.

It is quite a roomy bag and I love it. (I should have listened to others who told me to get a large long handle one, though.) Because it is so roomy, expect your things to get thrown around inside. Since I didn’t have a base shaper or a bag organizer I had to improvise:

End post. šŸ™‚ Have a good day, everyone! šŸ˜€