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Went out of the room to fix a bottle of chocolate milk for Belle, as requested by my fat baby, and noticed plates lined up turned upside down with large bowls and a coupld of other platters. My mother is having this catering job tomorrow afternoon with some UNICEF staff and it’s kinda a big deal, thus, the plates and bowls and serving platters all arranged to dry up on the table. They had their first try at our food when they hired us for an event, a lunch of crabs, I heard. Yummy BIG crabs. Now they asked for seafoods still, but fishes and prawns were on the menu — GRILLED. And a salad too. With a detailed description of how they wanted it made: 1) lettuce, 2) tomatoes, 3) cucumber, 4) egg and, 5)AVOCADO (Yum!), 6) with a vinaigrette sauce. My sister tossed this exact salad recipe today to give it a try and it was divine. Hopefully we’ll have grilled prawns and fish for dinner tomorrow too. Will keep you posted. I hope the internet will be friendly tomorrow.

More on today:

I was watching Julie & Julia and I LOVE it! Kept laughing the whole time and Belle kept asking, Why mom, why?

So, in the movie Julia (Meryl Streep) is this big American woman living in Paris – emphasis on big because almost all French women in the movie were more petite comparing – well, moving on, Julia’s sister is coming to Paris and they will meet her in the train station. Julia asked his husband to keep an eye out for Dorothy, the sister, and the husband replied that nobody could miss Dorothy. I wondered who they would pick to play the sister alongside Meryl Streep. Well, guess who it is – Sue Sylvester! That is a nice touch, I might add. I just had to laugh when I saw her. Over all, I love, love, love the movie. At the end of it though, I got sad when I realized (again!) that this might probably be the last movie I’ll ever watch in Cotabato before med school starts. I might not even get to watch it with my husband which is the saddest thing of all.

Sorry for the overbearing aura of sadness in my blog. The times are hard. And my heart, I think, can not brave through it. It’s softening up day after day.

Another apology coming through, sorry if I kinda missed out on my posts these days. I got busy doing some serious adult work for my father. Encoding stocks for the grocery. Yey! I love the work. It’s serious but sometimes it can be too serious and it always leaves me drained at the end of each day. Didn’t work today though, I figured I needed time for packing and some last minute R&R. Although, I didn’t do much of the former. I actually didn’t do the former at all. 😀

Will be leaving hometown soon, off to challenging dilemmas of the mind and of the heart. I’m dreading each new day. But it’s still days before school starts and I planned a late summer trip for me and Belle. Hopefully things will work out and it will push through. Cross fingers with me, please!

That’s about it for now.


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