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I left my Ken Follett book in Davao when I was there for the Ok Ka Dok Program. Ken Follett is great in writing intricate plots, I think. I love the book Pillars of the Earth, the characters, the details. It’s the kind of book that gets me excited to continue reading it. It’s that kind of book for me. (But all books have that effect on me, hmm. Anyway…) I left it. At such a perfect timing! I only have approximately 3 days left to finish it, and I haven’t even covered half of it yet.

Now, I rummaged through my bags and boxes to find my other books and found The Bridges of Madison County. This one I can finish within my deadline. So, au revoir for now, bloggie. I have a date with Robert Kincaid. ;>

I hope somebody out there has the heart the give me an external hard drive. My laptop is dying, ‘no space left’ it keeps saying. Both of my husband’s 1tb external’s are, as we speak, at the service center. What do I do? I can’t bear erasing my files, my photos, videos, games. I can’t even photoshop because of this – it’s that bad. Grrr. X(