She’s back! My laptop’s back. After checking her in this afternoon, I got her back in less than an hour, an hour tops! Kudos to Digital Interface and their technicians. My facebook friends and Mall World customers are all grateful to them.

After 3 years of loyalty, my laptop finally gave in and went into a COMA. She still had steady hums but her screen was all black. Scary. Especially the part where she broke into an eerie, scary-movie-type of static noise as she finally went into the dark. I froze, literally eyes wide and mouth agape, as I watched the screen disintegrate into stripes.

It turns out her memory module was defective. All Digital Interface had to do was take it out. I have to live with 1gb of ram from now on but hey, at least I still get to tell you guys how sucky my laptop has become. (Sorry, lappie.) Apparently, my plan to use it up for one more year failed once again. I may have to speed things up because she can only handle so much Facebook before she goes into the bad place again.