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It’s official, I will never be one of those sassy students who types on their laptops/netbooks in class.


Determined not to slack around in my Anatomy class tomorrow, I tried to do something quite tedious for someone like me – type an outline of tomorrow’s lecture.

I’ve never been a fan of typing outlines, having always been a fan of my own handwriting (ha ha). But seriously, I’ve always liked writing things down. Helps me memorize stuff. But tonight, just to be out of my box, I tried to type. And type I did, for two paragraphs! At the beginning of the third paragraph, I was itching for my pen.

So I took a break and wrote this down, or shall I say, typed this in.

Although I’ve never really written my journal entries down (thus my blog was born) when it comes to my class notes, my rule is to always jot things down in print. This is also one of my reasons why I always end up in the bookstore every time I visit the mall, I have to buy my cute little notebooks and quirky pens (although I only use just this one pen all the time).

Break’s over, time to hit the book again.

Scrawling away,


Btw, just to let you in on the whole picture, here’s a glimpse of the book: