I yelled on the phone today. That’s never good.

And there’s really no one to blame but myself. Not the Biochem exam I took this this afternoon. Or the fact that I missed lunch just to cram for that exam. Or the fact that I’ve been dog-tired for days now and have been seriously lacking some shut-eye. So, yeah, ultimately there’s no one to blame but me.

I do own a temper, a feisty one at that. But I only show the nastiest side of it to those whom I love the most. Which is why I am writing this now.

I feel bad. I do feel like I deserve that sudden burst of outrage though. Even if it’s just to get back at the world for being so damn harsh to me. And I vented on my most favorite person on earth, my person.

And because I might be guilty of pride at times, I will not apologize just yet. Not because I think my acting out was excusable at all, but because I’m scared to be at the other end of his temper. He’s generously kind and loving but sometimes I do get on his nerves and Lord knows I know how to get under his skin. And the shouting bout between us might just be one of those instances.

So, as part of my therapy, I will take a nap immediately after I hit publish. And apologize then. Wish me luck!

Title sucks but I can only think of the Beast’s temper as I recalled this afternoon’s conversation.