Due to unbelievably slowwww internet connection during the break, I didn’t even get to blog about my birthday.

“I will post in this blog every little thing that comes my way. But most especially, I will post here my neverending small talks with my kid who never runs out of things to say. She’s 3 and I’m 23. We talk a lot.”

This WAS on my page and when I scanned it, my eyes zeroed on the 23. No longer 23. La di da, la la. I’m just gonna sing it out.

My husband is taking my camera hostage for now, so pics will depend on whether he’ll ever send me the files. If you don’t know me yet, you’d probably wonder why I wouldn’t just grab the files myself. Well, it just happens that me and my husband are currently living in two separate cities, NOT SEPARATED, just living a few kilometers apart -193.63 km, to be exact according to trueknowledge.com. Pictures of my very private party will just have to follow.

I’m hoping to celebrate my party with med classmates soon though, so I might be able to post pictures of that. I don’t know what camera I’ll use, but I WILL post, swear.

Claire de Lune just started playing in my Itunes. Argh! Not exactly in the mood for Claire de Lune now. *Separation Anxiety* Missing Belle, sooo much.