Some of the best things come in small packages. I believe that now.

Got my first pair of Suelas today. I’ve always wanted one but I was either too busy or too lazy to purchase something online – I hate going to banks! But this time, despite my tight schedule, I went to the bank, fell in line for ten minutes or so, and the deal was done. And oh, was I glad I did that. Because two days after, I got these:


They’re a pair of their Impreso Python Grey. They’re pretty. As I’m sure all their other pairs are. Go get your own pair now, girls! 🙂 Oh, these are perfect Christmas gifts for moms and sisters too.

For more information, click this link. I posted a link above as well. Sorry for overblogging, if there is such a thing, just have to post this! 🙂

Make the most of your weekend, guys! That goes for my classmates, as well – read the most number of chapters, that is.