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It’s amazing how strange people can become. You wouldn’t really know who you can count on when you fall, who’s going to be there to give you a hand to help you get up. There were those who just stood by and waited for the crash. Scratch that, eagerly waited for the crash. There were those who helped you get up, only to lick your wounds feeding on the blood. But there were those, who stuck by and helped you dust off your knees and wipe the dirt off your face, whichever way they could. Who showed nothing but mere compassion and love for a friend. For those who have loved and still love me for who I am, I am extremely grateful to have you in my life.

A lot of brows are going to raise, whispers will be mumbled along the grapevine, a lot of judgmental rants are sure to ensue but to heck with it all. I have not ranted for quite some time, I refused to. Even when I should’ve. Because I think it is poor form to do so, esp in Facebook. But somehow, you’ve got to let some things out to be able to exhale, to decongest a bit.

This is life – I get it. It’s dog eat dog, after all – sad but true. You just have to learn how to say hello to the hyenas.