Patient: Unknown

Signs and Symptoms:




Used to love writing, is now scared to do so.


Too long to write. (In other words, too scary to voice out.)

Treatment Plan: Time heals all wounds.

Here is my epiphany and I am typing this now as I suddenly have this surprising surge of courage to break free, even for just a while, a few seconds, a few paragraphs.

I’m scared to write. What was once my escape is now my weakness. Because when you write (or when I write, that is), you let people into your life, your thoughts, your emotions. And no one should know who I am, what I am. No one.

The epiphany is that I have successfully managed to lock myself in. Shunned everyone. And the consequences are quite dire to my social life and to my blog.

The scary part is that I think that is only partly true. Yes, I am terrified of letting people in through my words. But I am also terrified of hearing my real thoughts. Terrified of matching the right words to my emotions. Terrified. Shaking to the bones.

Medication: God, I hope not.

On a much lighter note:

Recently learned that at least one person out there thinks my blog rocks. Haha. I wonder why, though, I have not written anything in months. And have not written anything that matters, really. But thank you, anyway. Appreciation helps.