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Christmas parties abound and we were running late for one yesterday morning.

Arriving fashionably late as usual, the party was already in second gear. The kids were in the middle of a Statue Dance. Belle went into her shy mode for a few minutes – warming up her squeals, I assume.  Not for long, she started laughing along with her friends and then having quite a blast as they played tag inside the classroom (which serve as their party venue). Squeezing in all of the laughs and squeals that she can. It was fun watching them. Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

Santa paid a visit 🙂

Santa Claus Visit

Santa arrived in all his costume glory and gave his gifts to the kids in his Nice List. Everyone received a gift, what a surprise. 🙂 Most of the kids were in awe, Belle one of them, as Santa took his seat and went about the gift giving. Gave me a big genuine smile as she clutched her Santa gift. (as seen in the picture here)

Later on, she told me something which confirmed that she is indeed a very perceptive kid. “Mom, they have a Santa costume too?” Referring to the clowns who wore costumes on her recent birthday party. I swear my small eyes grew a millimeter as she was telling me this. Quickly, I told her that Santa really went here from North Pole just to visit their party. Thankfully she bought it. Kids – so innocent.



Kris Kringle

The children got their Christmas gifts from their parents instead of them exchanging gifts with each other – which I think is a great idea. Parents can scrimp or splurge, whichever they prefer, on the gifts. I went for somewhere between scrimping and splurging, bordering on scrimping.

Guess what her nerd/geek mom got her? School supplies. 🙂

Went home with a loot of candies. And Belle sporting her big smile. Kindergartens have fun Christmas parties, too, did you know?