With my morning cupcake laying beside me, I started to sob. I let myself sob.

It was freeing but not for long. I used to cry and cry until sleep would take me. Cried until nothing was spared, cried until my eyes were dry – a cliche which I thought was overly dramatic and fictional, had to learn the hard way why there are cliches.

But as the tears became sparser, I realized that it still hurts but not as it did before. I might have become numb after all.
I have had this realization days ago but didn’t give it heed.

It seems impossible to be numb – that I am becoming numb. Have I switched it off? Like, you know, vampires do.

Probably not. Got a little used to it, more likely.

Love can break you or make you. Or maybe love will break you to make you. A scary thought. If anything, love will test you – how much can you give? How far can you go?