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I am again at a loss for words.

Missing a post the other day after vowing to just write even if the words escape me breath after breath. I couldn’t forgive myself if I missed another day.

I shall write today.

Mustering every ounce of creativity left in me to have a decent enough post, I write.

I feel drained. Tried writing a few posts on yesterday’s emotional inner tirade. Draining.

Those of you reading this who don’t know me personally might have this mental picture of a sad, haggard, frail hag. I’m actually not, if you can take my word for it.

I’m pretty enough, I suppose. Long, curly, unruly, big hair. A little on the slim side with love handles. I have this big nose which has grown fat over the years. I have Chinese eyes which I inherited from my father. Got my slender arms and legs from him too. I have thin, small lips awkwardly paired with my bushy eyebrows that I tend to forget to trim. Fair enough skin. Sort of petite – nice way of sayin I’m only 5 feet and 1 inch tall, scratch that, I’m 5 feet flat. Believe me, I can be cute. I do my best to hide the baggage.

I read blogs. I tweet. I play FB games.  I watch TV shows religiously.  I pay the bills. I do the laundry. I run errands. I sing, mostly while I’m alone. I don’t dance. I take care of my 5 year old and my husband. I write.

I showed up today, didn’t I? No melodramatic post. No tragic recounts, although I think I still scratched the surface there. No sad sappy love song backgrounds as I write this. None of that today.

Today I will try to act normal – cutesy normal. Today, I try to bring a smile, a grin, or a chuckle out of you. I will fail at that last point, I bet, but still I give myself cool points for trying.

I don’t have a funny take on marathons like this great post I read on Freshly Pressed. Nor do I have Peg-o-Leg‘s humor to mix things up. You should check their blogs!

Meet me. (cue the Torch Song by Shady Bard)


Me with my pout on.